Where are you located?

While I live in Austin, I print in a local studio and have no physical store. BUT, you can find a handful of designs and stickers at Paper Work and Monkey See Monkey Do on South Congress. Best shops in Austin...go go!

What's your story, dude..?

I've been designing and screenprinting tees in Austin, TX since 2004. I needed something to supplement my income while I toured the country doing stand-up comedy--I know, I can't believe it, either. Did ok, too: Comedy Central's Premium Blend; JFL Fest in Montreal; even had a little comedy book published on Last Gasp of San Francisco. I quit the road in 2013; ran the historic Velveeta Room on 6th Street for several years; but I never stopped making shirts.
For Austin boutiques, for other comedians, for the PGA (no foolin') and for YOU! Over the years, my tees have been bought and worn by the likes of Pee Wee Herman, Tom "Biff" Wilson, Wilmer Valderrama, Tre Cool from Green Day, and not one, but two current cast members on Saturday Night Live.

What's up with the separate packages..?

I personally screen-print most one-color designs, but I have to farm out the multi-color items like the Mock Band Tees; not to mention the stickers, mugs, accessories, etc. I know it's annoying, but I get to create and offer sooo many more designs and products this way!

Why are shirt prices so varied?

Same explanation. Most Mock Band tees are two-sided, and are expensive to have printed, so I only make a couple of bucks. I balance that out when I personally print the one-color items and cut out the middle man. This way, I can charge a little less and offer cheap shipping, AND I don't have to charge $30+ for the multi-color shirts.

Low brow for the high brow.

Some are snarky and dry. Some are inside jokes for comedians. Some don't mean a thing. The only goal is to make them witty, interesting or vaguely subversive, but never embarrassing to wear.

And one way to cut back on tacky is the clean look of one-color images...simple, with a nod to my well-worn vintage tees.

What are Mock Band Tees?

My new obsession, that's what! They combine my 3 favorite things in life: Design, Music & Comedy...

It started with a growing list of fake band names that were just a little too stoopid to be real, but sounded real enough. I then went through that list and wrote appropriate "Tour Names" that made me laugh. The designs had to be funny, too...loaded with wordplay, easter eggs and visually pleasing.

The finishing touch: Each Mock Band has a list of the same 20 cities they've "toured" on the back, taken from an online search for the Top Worst Places to Live.

Are you still hand-printing everything??

Yes and no. I'll still be silk-screening, old-school style, because I love it. BUT, thanks to the voodoo of direct-to-garment and digital printing, I'm able to offer cool, new products that, frankly, blow me away. All I have to do is design!

I heard digital printing kinda sucks...

Well, I hear YOU suck...but I used to agree with you. Technology has improved tenfold, and the Mock Band samples I got from Monster Digital look AMAZING. I also get to select soft-hand, premium shirt brands like Next Level and Bella Canvas...because I want you to actually WEAR these, y'know?

I'm pretty amped, ever'buddy, and l can't wait to keep designing and adding to my store. Keep checking back!  xomario

Me & Lemon

You can also find Lemon Ice Tees in a few brick and mortars:
PAPER WORK 1704 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX
A-TOWN 5502 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX
MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO 1712 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX

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-Mario DiGiorgio
Owner, designer of Lemon Ice Tees